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Thursday, February 02, 2006

All about pictures

So I can finally tell you about all the photography I have been doing! I bought a digital camera last week. I thought about building a darkroom in my pantry but then I realized that I also think I want to do more cooking, and I need my pantry for all the dinners I will be making (please let me know your best recipes...I don't care if they're secret!). I think I might research recipes by going to restaurants with friends -- we can all take turns guessing what is in them and then get the waiter to get the recipe for us.

I realized that I am very good at taking pictures of sunsets. I took one picture of the sun setting, and it was pink, and you could see a person in the picture, also. It looked like a giant pink eye looking at the person, but no eyeball. I think I might try to make a book of sunset pictures, where the sun would be setting behind different things or settings. I have a friend who received a grant to do some photography and think that that sounds like a fun and rewarding way to spend your time and might look into that.

I have been taking lots of pictures at work (pictures of the children, pictures of the classroom, pictures of the playground). I thought about taking pictures of other teachers not working, and then tell them that I was going to "tattle" on them (which I would not do unless they deserved it). There is one teacher who, I swear, does not do any work! She is the nurse, and I always wants to ask her what she does when no students are sick? I think that she probably has an online business or something that she works on. I have thought about doing an online business (auctions) during breaks or recess, but the internet connection I have is slow and I would also probably get caught.

The guy that I went on a date with, Liam, wants to go out again for dinner. The only problem is that my cousin IS fixing me up with another person to date, and Derrik says that he is someone I will like. I don't want to be like one of those movies where someone is going on two dates at once, but you never know! Ahhhh!


  • At 10:32 AM, Anonymous Scooter said…

    I don't have a digital camera but I think you can't develop the film in a dark room. I mean, don't you need an old-fashioned camera to do that kind of artsy stuff?
    I still like to see how you're doing as I wait for judgement on the charge of underage drinking, made by the effin' cop who was supposed to be rescuing me from an unprovoked attack! Right now I'm more concerned about spring break.
    Enjoy those sunsets, at least!


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