Its A Strange World

This blog is about me and the things that I have been dealing with. Make sure all your comments are about the things I write about, because the world can get out of hand enough as it is! ;)

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

It isn't right

My principal (boss) keeps bothering me about things that aren't part of my job. Friday night the students had a dance. Did you hear me? The students! This was not my dance, I did not ask to go to it, and it didn't sound like the kind of dance I would want to go to (I love to dance). My principal stopped me after a "meeting" today to tell me that he was upset that I didn't go to the dance, because I haven't been to any of the dances at school. I said it was nice that he wanted me there, but that I had other things to do. He told me that it was my job to go to the dances. It is not my job to go to dances. My job is to be a teacher and dances are something else.

My cousin, Derrik, doesn't think I should go out on this date the day after tomorrow. He says that his friend is a much better "catch." I have dated some of Derrik's friends, and most of them have been boring but some of them have given me some very nice things (one of them gave me Muscles!) I can't cancel the date, because I don't have anything else going on Thursday night and my aunt would be upset. Still, can any of you readers think of a good way to end a date that goes badly?

I've been looking at some pictures I have in my apartment (friends from college, my time abroad, family) and realize that I need to get new pictures! I have always thought that I should do photography, because I have a very good "eye." I think that I will buy a camera tomorrow and learn how you make a darkroom, if that is necessary.

Monday, January 23, 2006

I'm so sorry

I'm sorry everyone that I haven't written to you in a while. I'm sick, and don't like to do too much when I'm sick. The only thing I do like to do is to shop on websites. I bought many pieces of clothing and that made me feel better.

I bought one outfit that would be perfect for throwing a dinner party. I have not done that in this apartment, as I haven't yet bought many spices. It also bothers me when people come to a dinner party but then don't have them for you. I have been to several dinner parties in the past couple of years and many of the guests have not thrown dinner parties for the host, which I think can be terrible if it goes on like that for a long time.

I don't know when I should throw a dinner party or what I should cook. All these questions get so annoying, because I think about how all the guests didn't have to worry about these questions and they just come over and eat all my food. Still, I know that everyone will like my new outfit, and I can't wear it to school because the children will ruin it. So the dinner party will be fun. Maybe you readers can tell me what to make?

I have to go on a date on Thursday. I don't want to, but sometimes I go on dates to make my aunt happy. She likes using the internet for dating (she is married) and tells me how to use it and which guys to respond to. I have to go out with a guy who does financial work, and I would rather do something else, like one of my hobbies. We'll see how it goes!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

A bad day at work

As you probably guessed, I had a very bad day at work today. I am usually able to tolerate people but today it was different. My friend, danielle, came by my room to talk to me about plans we are making for a weekend trip that we think we might take. I left the room to talk about it because we were talking about buying alcohol and I didn't think the children should hear that. We were down in another part of the hall and another teacher walked by and saw that nobody was in the room with the children (they had books). He told the principal, who then gave me a lecture. I said I am always in the room, but he said that other teachers had "told on me" before, too. I asked "do we have spies in school?" and walked out.

You readers probably don't know me very well - but that is just how I am. When people can't listen to you, and insist on giving you lectures, then you just have to leave! Otherwise, they make you do things to make them happy for things they don't understand, and I don't want to be bothered by that sort of thing.

Does anyone have any advice?

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

More about movies

Sometimes I think that children are too pushy. I went out to dinner with a friend last night and the restaurant was small and owned my people who have children. One of them was playing in the restaurant and she was making so much noise! The restaurant was small and not many people were there, so the child's noise was bad. Also, she did not speak English, so it made no sense to me and bothered me very much. Then she came by my table! She showed her hand to me and my friend and it had a cut on it! It was gross and I wanted to get sick just to prove how gross it was and that children should not be allowed to talk to customers.

Also, everyone is angry at me because I did not like Brokeback Mountain! I have decided that it is one of my least favorite movies, because NOTHING HAPPENED in the whole movie! I spoke to my students about it, and none of them had even seen it! Goes to show that just because some people think a movie is really good, doesn't mean that everyone does.

It reminds me of another thing that makes me crazy. I am an environmentalist, but I do not recycle. All of my friends tell me that I need to, but I tell them that it is better to give your money to environmentalists than it is to recycle. All the recycling takes up so much space, I barely have room for my garbage! Then I am worried about getting rats in my house. We had mice when I was a child in our house. They were pets, but I thought that they were filthy! The last thing I want is to have a filthy house. I have ants right now but they do not bother me because they are only in one spot and they don't come near my bedroom.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Last night

Well, it didn't go any better! My friend, Maureen, insisted that we go to see a movie! We saw Brokeback Mountain, which was very boring and didn't "go anywhere" as my friend, Sasha, would say about movies he didn't like. Maureen really liked it and kept talking about it and everyone always agrees with her, but I thought it was terrible and wishes that I could have spent the evening doing something constructive for myself like cleaning my rugs or maybe going out to dinner.

Today I do not have to work, which I love. I don't know what I will do today! Any ideas? I really should do my taxes, but who knows anything about that? I think taxes are terrible, don't you? I have thought about moving to Canada, but, I'll admit it, I hate the cold! When I was young I even hated the cold then. Maybe I should move to Mexico, instead!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Don't you just hate it?

My Sunday is off to a very bad start, so I thought I'd write about it! I woke up late, but it was because there was a car accident outside. I heard a big noise and went outside and one person was talking to another person and the front of one car was dented in and the other car was fine. A few other people on my street were outside too, but no body said that they would serve as a witness! I said I would, and left my name and phone number in case. People are lazy!

I was one in a car accident and did not get hurt but the other person said it was my fault because I was not wearing my glasses. I told her that I only need them when I am at work because I need to see what children are doing in the back of the room. I told this to my insurance person, too, but they were totally on the woman's side! I don't understand that at all.

The other things that have been bad about my morning are: 1) I don't have any milk for my coffee, so I had to use some of my Everything But The Swirl ice cream. 2) I did not get my newspaper, and I know that my neighbor stole it because he is terrible. 3) I do not have any food for Muscles, so I will have to go outside to look for insects later but it is hard to find them when it is cold outside. 4) I see that it is supposed to rain on Tuesday, and that is the day that I am supposed to walk to work with Danielle. It is more than 3 miles! We are going to be miserable and Danielle is already sick to begin with!

I hope that things go better tonight!

Saturday, January 14, 2006

This page is mine

I am always looking and talking on other people's websites, and now I am going to do one too. Its a good time to do one, because I have a lot to talk about, and I bet you do too! I get to decide what we talk about.

Many of you know me already, but if you don't - here is some information about me. I grew up in Missouri, I won't tell you where, but its in St. Louis. I now live in Cary, NC and am teaching private school. I don't like to do things that many people like (going to movies) but I do like trying out new things! My friends are always interested in talking to me, because I always have something new to talk about, it seems. Yesterday I emailed someone about making my own jam, for instance! Writing is my true passion, and I think I will be a writer soon. This webpage will help, right!

It is hard to write now. It is like being at a party and trying to talk to someone who you have not met and they are very quiet. I hate people who make it hard to talk to them, don't you?